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Being involved in a truck accident can be extremely scary and confusing. First, you need to deal with the aftermath of being hit by such a large vehicle. Next, you have to worry about getting the medical care that you need and deserve. Finally, you may ask yourself, "how am I going to pay for all of it?" Or, "Will my insurance policy cover everything that needs to be paid for?

That's why we're here: at LBC Law Group, we understand these problems and how difficult they can be to deal with on your own. Both of our law partners have been the victims of catastrophic personal injury cases. Maybe that's why our attorneys are so dedicated to helping people who've been hurt by others' negligence. You need to get the compensation you deserve so that you can focus on your recovery instead of worrying about finances during this difficult time.



First and foremost, if you were injured in an accident involving a commercial vehicle, then it's important that your attorney knows how to handle the insurance company.

Commercial vehicles carry a type of insurance known as "commercial liability insurance." These policies are different than personal policies and can have their own set of rules when it comes to payments and other details. The good news is that if you've been injured by a commercial vehicle, it is likely that their policy will be large enough to both cover your treatment and ensure a healthy settlement.

Our lawyers specialize in commercial liability insurance cases—so when you hire us for your truck accident, we'll know exactly what the insurance company is required by law to do for you!

Truck accidents can happen anywhere, but there are some common factors that can make them more likely:

  • Speed: Trucks often drive faster than other vehicles on the road

  • Size: The size of the vehicle makes it more difficult for drivers to see around corners or change lanes quickly

  • Fatigue: Truck drivers are often required to drive long distances over a short period of time. Fatigued drivers are negligent drivers

  • Driving under the influence: If a truck driver gets behind the wheel while intoxicated, they are driving a multi-ton death trap. Recent catastrophic accidents involving long-haul truckers have involved drugs in Nevada.

A truck accident doesn't always mean a semi-truck. Often, we see many commercial vehicles on the roads like a delivery truck, cargo-van, landscaping truck and utility vehicles. If these vehicles, often operated by large corporations, hit you, the sheer size and weight can cause serious injury.

At LBC Law Group, we are here for you. We have more than 35 years of experience helping people like you get the help they need after being injured in a truck or commercial vehicle accident. Our team knows how important it is to get back on your feet as quickly as possible, but we also understand that accidents can leave lasting physical and mental effects that may affect your ability to work or even live independently. That's why we focus on getting our clients compensation for their pain and suffering as well as any financial burdens they've incurred as a result of their injuries.