Burglary in Las Vegas: Understanding the Law and How LBC Law Group Can Help

Our experienced Las Vegas lawyers specialize in burglary cases. We hope this content will help you learn about the legal implications of burglary in Nevada and how our law firm can help defend your rights. If you’ve been accused of burglary, you are in for a fight and need the aggressive criminal lawyers of LBC Law Group in your corner.

Burglary is a serious, felony offense in Las Vegas, Nevada, with significant consequences. LBC Law Group, with a team of skilled and experienced lawyers, is dedicated to providing expert legal representation to clients facing burglary charges. In this article, we'll explore the intricacies of burglary law in Nevada and how our attorneys can help you navigate this complex area.

Understanding Burglary in Las Vegas

Burglary, as defined by Nevada law, is not limited to breaking and entering someone's home. Instead, it encompasses any unlawful entry into any building, commercial center, vehicle, or structure with the intent to commit a crime, such as theft, assault, or other felonies. In Las Vegas, burglaries occur frequently, both in residential and commercial properties, making it a pressing concern for law enforcement agencies.

As you can imagine, burglary is taken very seriously by Las Vegas Metro Police Department, and those accused of this crime can face severe penalties. Convictions can result in imprisonment, hefty fines, and a permanent criminal record that can impact your future employment, gun rights, voting rights and housing opportunities.

Potential Penalties for Burglary in Nevada

A burglary conviction in Nevada carries severe penalties, with the punishment depending on the circumstances surrounding the crime. The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) classifies burglary as a category B felony, which carries a mandatory minimum sentence of one year in prison. The maximum sentence for a burglary conviction can be as high as 10 years, along with fines of up to $10,000.

Aggravating factors can lead to even harsher penalties. For example, if a weapon was used or even possessed during the burglary, the mandatory minimum sentence increases to two years in prison, with a potential maximum sentence of 15 years. In cases involving residential properties or the presence of people inside the burglarized structure, the courts often impose stricter sentences to deter future criminal activities. If people were present in a residential home, this may constitute home invasion.

Defending Against Burglary Charges

Facing burglary charges in Las Vegas can be a scary experience, but with the help of our experienced attorneys, you can build a strong defense to protect your rights and secure the best possible outcome. Our lawyers are well-versed in Nevada's burglary laws and can devise an effective legal strategy tailored to your specific case. Some potential defenses against burglary charges include:

Lack of Intent:

Proving that you did not intend to commit a crime upon entering the property can undermine the prosecution's case. Our lawyers can help gather evidence and present a compelling argument to demonstrate your innocence. Sometimes, a person may enter a structure without the intent of committing a felony within. For example, a person may want to find shield from the cold or extremely hot weather we experience in Las Vegas. Someone may wander into a home that they believe is occupied by a friend, but they are mistaken.

Mistake of Fact:

A common defense against burglary charges is that the defendant believed they had the right to enter the property. For example, a usual patron of a business may enter a building, believe that they are doing so during normal business hours. Another person may believe they were invited into someone’s home, but a neighbor does not recognize them and calls the police. Our attorneys can work to prove that your actions were based on a reasonable mistake of fact.

Duress or Necessity:

If you were forced to commit burglary under duress or out of necessity, our lawyers can present this argument to potentially mitigate or dismiss the charges. Our attorneys have defended people who were forced, by threat of violence, to do something they did not want to do.

Challenging the Evidence: Our experienced attorneys can scrutinize the evidence against you, including the reliability of witness statements and the legality of search and seizure procedures, to weaken the prosecution's case. This may require our attorneys to file motions to suppress the evidence to make prosecution more difficult.