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When you are faced with a divorce, child custody or other family law dispute, the lawyer you choose does make a difference. Blakesley Courtney is a small law firm dedicated to our clients. By being a small law firm we can devote more attention to each client. From the time a client walks into our office, they recognize "the difference." We understand the short-term and long-term ramifications of complex divorces and other family law disputes, and we are committed to helping our clients start the next chapter of their lives in the best position possible.

Our attorneys take a hands-on approach to make sure we get the best possible result for our clients. We also handle each client’s family matter with a high level of attention and meticulousness that will make the difference in your case. For some clients, this may mean uncovering hidden assets or accurately determining the value of a family business. Other clients may need help negotiating a custody arrangement or dealing with cases involving the relocation of children. No matter what complex issues you face, we take pride in helping you resolve them. 

We handle all types of family law cases for our clients, including: 

  • Temporary restraining orders (i.e., temporary protective orders)

  • Injunctions

  • Child custody and visitation

  • Divorce in Las Vegas

  • Las Vegas adoption

  • Child support in Nevada

  • Termination of Parental Rights

  • Paternity in Nevada

  • Nevada guardianships (guardian of the person and guardian of the estate)

  • Name change for adult

  • Annulment in Nevada

  • Divorce in Nevada (Contested divorce and uncontested divorce)

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Why Hire Our Firm? 

The qualities of our firm set us apart in the following ways:

  1. Approachability — Some attorneys may come off detached or impersonal, but at Lucherini Blakesley Courtney, we understand the emotional roller coaster our clients often face when dealing with family law disputes. That is why we make a concerted effort to be highly approachable and compassionate when working to help our clients find solutions that make sense.

  2. Experience — At Lucherini Blakesley Courtney, all of our attorneys are veterans of the family law court. Your case will always be handled by an experienced family lawyer who is focused on the details of your case.

  3. Established credibility — Not only are we experienced, but we have been recognized in the legal community. Attorneys at our firm are AV Preeminent peer review rated through Martindale-Hubbell, which is the highest rating possible. Our attorneys are well-known in the family and civil courts of southern Nevada by both judges and fellow lawyers. The intricate knowledge of the local judicial departments and how other practitioners handle cases provide our attorneys with the advantage of knowing how to effectively present each case for the best result.

Experience Matters

Our Las Vegas family law and divorce attorneys have decades of combined experience handling all aspects of divorce, custody, and complex asset and business division cases. Not only do we have experience negotiating and litigating divorces, but we also have experience acting as a mediator in contested divorces. We pride ourselves on being able to find simple, practical solutions to complex legal issues. While we primarily handle complex litigation of complicated matters, we can also help you with relatively simple matters such as uncontested divorces and obtaining custody orders. In many cases, an uncontested divorce can be completed for less than $1,500 in attorney fees.   

We handle complicated estate division and valuation issues for long-term marriages; division of business assets; separate property and community property allocation; and complicated and emotional custody cases that require delicate yet aggressive legal strategies and solutions. Our family law attorneys will help you navigate through economic and valuation principles, debtor and creditor problems, alimony and income division issues that less experienced lawyers can find bewildering. Let our experience, aggressiveness, and credibility in the legal community work for you.

At Blakesley Courtney, we have represented business professionals, doctors, gaming executives, entertainers, celebrities and people from all walks of life. Other lawyers routinely refer us their family and friends' delicate and important family issues. Whether you are from Las Vegas or live outside of Southern Nevada and need a local attorney, we are available to represent you. 

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We Can Save You Money

At Blakesley Courtney, we strive to resolve our clients’ family law disputes inexpensively. The attorney fee for some divorces is less than $1,500. By carefully listening to our clients and investigating the details of each case, we work to recognize solutions for our clients that avoid costly and time-consuming litigation. However, we also recognize when litigation will be required and we work to resolve those matters as expeditiously as possible, saving our clients time and money. Recognizing which cases require extensive investigation, discovery, and litigation, or which cases should easily settle only comes from:

  • Experience

  • Expertise and knowledge of Nevada family law

  • Understanding the client’s specific needs and goals

  • Mastering the facts of each case

  • Extensive training in Negotiation

  • Trial-tested and proven litigation skills

  • Convincing our adversary or the court that our solution is the most equitable

  • Knowing how the particular judge has resolved similar cases in the past

There is no substitute for an experienced attorney. Let our experienced family, custody and divorce lawyers efficiently litigate or settle your case without breaking the bank.

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Understanding And Compassion Makes a Difference

No field of law evokes more emotion and passion than family law. We know that with every family law dispute, our clients face difficulties, disappointments, and deep emotions. One of our primary goals in representing you is to achieve the result you desire while at the same time protecting you as much as possible from the perspective trauma of a contested family law matter. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the strongest advocacy possible, with dignity, discretion, and understanding. We understand the short-term and long-term ramifications of custody and family law disputes because our distinguished and pre-eminent lawyers have decades of experience successfully handling family law, divorce, and custody cases.

Initial Consultation

If you need help with a family law matter, contact the Las Vegas family law firm of Blakesley Courtney("LBC Law Group") to schedule a consultation. Our initial consultation fee is $200, but if you retain our firm, we will credit your file with $250 for your first monthly payment.

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