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Interesting Facts About Motor Vehicle Accidents in Nevada

John Courtney Feb. 4, 2020

  1. According to a HuffPost article posted on December 6, 2017 (Elizabeth Laiza King), “[d]istracted driving becomes a larger threat every year and has been the leading cause of car accidents for the past decades.” A quick telephone call can prove disastrous, so think twice before answering that call. Texting while driving is almost the equivalent of begging to be in an accident, but for some reason people still do it. Using an electronic communication device, such as an iPhone, can quadruple your risks of being in a car accident. If your eyes are not peering over the hood of your car (scanning the mirrors from time to time), you may be distracted, and when you’re distracted, you’re a danger to yourself and others. In 2016, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that nine percent of all fatal crashes were listed as distraction-affected crashes.

  2. As of December 2018, the World Health Organization estimates that roughly 1.25 million people lose their lives to car accidents each year, and an additional 20 to 50 million people suffer from injuries as a result of car accidents each year.

  3. In 2016, over 10,000 Americans lost their lives due to alcohol-impaired driving, making up more than a quarter of all traffic-related deaths.

  4. In 2016, over a quarter of all traffic-related deaths were attributable to speeding.

  5. Strong Tie Insurance Services, Inc. reports that “statistics show that there are more than 10 motor vehicle-related deaths per day in California alone, which are preventable.”

  6. Las Vegas was recently ranked 144 out of 200 cities for driver safety, with Las Vegas drivers being 21% more likely to be involved in a car accident than the national average and are estimated to have one accident every 8 years.

  7. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, fatal crashes in Nevada hit a 10-year high in 2018.

  8. In a statement made by Las Vegas Metro Police on December 27, 2019, the death total for traffic fatalities in Las Vegas in 2019 was 109.

  9. According to the People Powered Movement (PPM), Las Vegas is the third most dangerous city in the United States for bicyclists.

  10. The Nevada Strategic Highway Safety Plan reports that 259 people lost their lives and 1,076 people were seriously injured in motorcycle-related crashes on Nevada roadways, with 74% of the motorcycle-related fatalities and serious injuries occurring in Clark County. The agency also reported that male drivers ages 26 to 35 are most likely to be involved in motorcycle-related fatalities and serious injuries.

  11. The Nevada Strategic Highway Safety Plan reports 353 pedestrians lost their lives and 720 were seriously injured on Nevada roadways between 2012 and 2016 with middle-aged males between the ages of 46 and 55 years old being more likely than any other demographic to be fatally wounded or seriously injured.

  12. Young drivers are three times more likely to get into a car accident than a driver over the age of 20, says the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

  13. In 2010, according to Scripps Howard News Service’s “Killer Roads” national reporting project, the most deadly stretch of road in the country is Interstate 15 between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

  14. According to the Department of Public Safety, the most dangerous (and deadly) intersection in the Las Vegas Valley is Flamingo Road at Pecos Road.