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Five Mistakes Commonly Made by Inexperienced Auto Accident Attorneys

John Courtney Jan. 8, 2020

1. Trying to Get Paid Too Quickly

Some firms need quick profits from your case to cover payroll. Others do not. You deserve a firm that can take the time to turn over every proverbial stone in your case. You deserve to be compensated for all your pain, suffering and inconvenience. While it can be nice to be paid quickly, you should not have to sacrifice in terms of compensation due and owning.

2. Taking Cases They Cannot Afford

In most personal injury cases which proceed to trial, expert witnesses are needed in order to maximize compensation. Experts, such a medical doctors, biomechanical engineers, etc., can be very expensive. You deserve a firm who can afford to pay for all the experts who can add value to your case. Firms that cannot afford experts cannot put a case in position to receive maximum compensation at trial.

3. Being Uniformed Regarding the Severity of Medical Issues

Discectomy? Percutaneous? Laminectomy? Vertegrophlasty or Kyphoplasty? While most attorneys are not also spinal surgeons, personal injury attorneys best serve their injured clients by studying various medical procedures and their relation to pain and discomfort. If an attorney cannot explain the procedure and how it feels, then pain and suffering damages cannot be maximized.

4. Becoming a Personal Injury Mill

Did you know that many personal injury attorneys never go to court? Indeed, many attorneys who call themselves personal injury attorneys are not interested in bringing your case to trial when the insurance company refuses to offer a reasonable settlement. Many attorneys are more interested in having a high-volume mill that hurriedly races to the quickest settlements. You should not be surprised to learn that insurance companies keep data on almost everything that affects the value of a personal injury case. If your attorney does not bring cases to trial, your attorney lacks the leverage to cause the insurance company to either pay a reasonable settlement amount or face a jury. Don’t let the insurance company think, “What’ll they do if we don’t offer a reasonable settlement amount, sue us?”

5. Not Having the Brain Power to Bring About a Collaborative Effort

There are lots of small firms out there, some with only one attorney and one staff member who answers the telephones. Don’t be fooled by fancy websites and office suites that can be rented on a day-by-day basis. Two minds are better than one, and three minds are better than two, and so on. Many small firms do not have enough minds working on personal injury cases. Make sure your attorney has enough experienced personnel to turn over every proverbial stone in your case.