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Our attorneys at Blakesley Courtney, P.C. have extensive legal knowledge and experience with commercial and residential real estate matters in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada. There is no room for error when handling matters involving real estate.  It is essential in these complex, high-stakes transactions, to have an experienced attorney working for you. Our experienced and knowledgeable Nevada real estate attorneys can provide you with efficient and cost-effective service, and peace of mind.

We understand that for most people, real estate makes up the largest share of one's wealth.  In the United States, private party land ownership rights are foundational.  With so much at stake, we apply law and economics when representing our real estate clients.  Our attorneys have hands-on experience and vast knowledge in construction.  We regularly work with C.P.A.s, real estate agents and brokers, architects, engineers, and other professionals.  As a result, we offer a very broad perspective when it comes to reviewing your real estate matters.

Our law firm can assist you in both commercial and residential Nevada real estate matters, including: 

  • Quit Claim Deeds

  • Homesteading

  • Disputes Over Ernest Money Deposits

  • Real Estate Purchase Agreements

  • Eminent Domain

  • Inverse Condemnation

  • Zoning, Land Use and Building Permits

  • Boundary and Easement Disputes

  • Condominium Association Law

  • Retail Office and Industrial Leasing

  • Real Estate Development

  • Construction Contracts

  • Specific Performance

  • Municipal Law

  • Construction Law

  • Commercial Property Sale Transactions

  • Homeowners Associations

  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes

  • Evictions

  • Five-Day Notice to Pay or Quit

  • Foreclosure

  • Unlicensed Contractor Problems

Our attorneys have experience in business and construction law and litigation in addition to real estate law.  We will use this real-world knowledge to assist you with your real estate needs. We have represented restaurants, nightclubs, manufacturers, retailers and other businesses, homeowners, developers, construction companies, buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, contractors, and others involved in commercial and residential real estate transactions.  We are familiar with all the types of stakeholders and understand the issues from all sides, which greatly benefits our clients. We understand that you are free to engage with the attorney of your choice.  We make that choice easy and clear, and we sincerely value our clients taking exceptional pride in providing high-quality service.  You will not see us on billboards because we receive most of our business from referrals.  Let us prove to you that we will treat you so well that you will tell all of your friends and business associates about our firm.  To arrange a consultation with an experienced Nevada real estate attorney contact Blakesley Courtney, P.C. at (702) 608-3030 today.